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Volunteering Information

Volunteer Information

As a not-for-profit, our organization survives and thrives on the support of our dedicated volunteers. Help us give your or your child some of the most memorable moments of their lives by volunteering your time.  

Effective from Sept.2021, an amount of $100/fencer deposit will be collected each time at registration. It can be in the form of a cheque or paid online at the class registration portal.

Bingo Volunteering Sign-ups
Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 10.43.41 AM.png
Casino Volunteering Sign-ups
Casino Volunteering is returned this year. In 2023, our dates are March 2nd & 3rd,2023. Due to its high demand and registration process requirement,if you wish to register for this type of volunteering, please see the registration form in the club.

Volunteer Deposit Program FAQs

How do I find volunteer opportunities?

Please use our above portal to sign up for fundraising opportunities. Each member is expected to do about 8 hours of volunteer. e.g. two times of bingo fundraising events or one shift of Casino events etc.. 


If I complete all my volunteer commitments, will I receive my cheque back?

After completing the minimum number of volunteer commitments your deposit cheque will be returned or refund to your original payment method. unless you have requested that EFC keeps the deposit cheques from year to year to facilitate the registration process for
the following season. If you wish this option, please indicate as such on the volunteer form.


How are these volunteer jobs tracked?

The Volunteering Coordinator will track the volunteer commitments, along with the who is tracking the volunteer commitments for the entire club.

What if I have more than 1 fencer in the Edmonton Fencing Club? How many deposit cheques are required?

EFC requires EVERY fencer to bring ONE undated deposit cheque ($100) for their registration. However, it is impractical for parents to do 12 hours of volunteer work if they have three children in the club, so for every family, there is a maximum of two (2) cheques needed only.
Please make cheques payable to Edmonton Fencing Club and LEAVE THE DATE BLANK.
For example: One child in intermediate and two children in beginner classes: you will need to provide two (2) $100 volunteer cheques. 


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