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At the Edmonton Fencing Club, we rely on the support of our dedicated volunteers to keep our fencing center running. By giving your time, you'll not only be making a difference in the fencing club, but you'll also have the opportunity to earn the Volunteer Deposit refund from your fencing class registration. For each Intermediate/Competitive/Adult class, a $100 volunteer deposit is included in the registration. Complete just two volunteer duties, and you'll receive a full $100 refund.

To join us in our mission to promote fencing in our community, please sign up for one of our volunteer events below. 

Attention: We're thrilled to announce the reopening of online volunteering Bingo opportunities for sign-ups! If you're eager to register for any upcoming Bingo events, kindly click the following link to RSVP. Thank you sincerely for your interest and support!

Upcoming Events

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